Marketing and Brand Management

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Marketing plans, brand design and graphics are key elements to content management and visual design. In a world that is so hugely dominated by the online domain, consumers have never been so visual when it comes to selecting their products and services either online or in a physical location. Developing and designing the right look for your businesses and establishing a visual language that communicates exactly the right message to your targeted audience can increase growth within your business, attract the right customers to your door and allow your organisation to be seen and standout in the market for all the right reasons. 

Below are a range of packages that provide different services to your organisation to give you the tools you need to establish and grow your company into the vision you have in mind - Hi Hello are here to give you those resources to allow you the information you need to make great decisions with your business and represent your brand in the best way possible. 

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Package 01. Marketing Plans
$899.99 + GST

Allow yourself the best market information to assist in your desicion making

  • Market audit and analysis
  • Product and service analysis
  • Competitor and market environment assessment
  • Marketing mix analysis
  • Market and pricing strategy proposals
  • Internal assessment
  • External market assessment
  • Market value and share
  • External environment and behaviour analysis

Package 02. Logo and Brand Design
$399.99 + GST

Basic logo and brand design

  • Complete customised logo design
  • Design and brand consultation
  • product and service assessment
  • One complete logo in all relative design files
  • One re-design and adjustment before approval
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Package 03. Graphic Design
$89.99 + GST PER HOUR

Add further value by completely customising your design with additional design services

  • On application, depending of job requirements and needs, will alter the level of work and price. Please get in touch and discuss your design needs today.