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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a service that supports local businesses achieving their goals with their social media, website and design projects. It is important to us that this process is made easy and enjoyable for our clients, which allows them to outsource their content management and design so they can focus on freeing up time for more hands on business requirements. We understand how time consuming content management and maintaining an online presence can be, and we want to support taking that pressure off businesses so they can get on with the things they are good at. 

Hi Hello Packages

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Here at Hi Hello, we have a wide array of goals in mind, both business and personal that we set out to achieve. Our goals will improve local businesses with connecting them online and support maintaining a strong and compeitive online presence. Below are a range of prices that we charge, which are affordable and allow businesses of all shapes and sizes access to a professional design service. 


Content Audit
Starts from $99.90

Have your website text content looked over professionally and up-date your content today. 

FREE!! SEO Reports For Website Up-dates

SEO Reports that allow you to up-date your website SEO yourself with tips and DIY steps.

Basic 4+ Page Website Design $499.90

put your business online at an affordable price with our popular web design package.


Creative adaptability is the key to successful conversation.


Client Benefits

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Working with Hi Hello is an easy process that our clients enjoy being a part of. We don't like to complicate things with industry jargon and complicated systems and processes that put people off enjoying the online domain. We are here to show you the ropes and support getting your business the air time it deserves to help drive new potential customers to your door. 

We work directly with you and your business to establish goals and objectives that will be incorporated into the design and functionality of your new or re-designed website. We will communicate with you every step of the way to help put your vision into reality in whatever marketing goals we are wanting to achieve.



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